First Visit

1) You’ll start by contacting our office to schedule a complimentary New Patient Consultation and Examination. We will be happy to mail you a medical history form or you may download and print the form by clicking here download form, so that you can fill it out in the convenience of your own home.

2) One of our clinical staff members will take a complimentary panogram. It will help us determine if all of your teeth are developing and if they have enough space.


3) Dr. Michael will complete an examination for you or your child and make recommendations based upon your needs and desires for treatment.

4) One of our treatment coordinators will discuss your needs and show you the different braces we offer. You will then have an opportunity to discuss office procedures, policies, finances and insurance with our Financial Coordinator.

Our low friction braces will make your teeth move faster. For full treatment you can also choose Porcelain low friction braces.

Clarity SL Braces
SmartClip Braces
If time is available and you would like to obtain diagnostic orthodontic treatment records the same day as your exam, you may do so. This will take about one and a half hours of additional time. If you know you would like to do this, please let us know at the time that you set up your examination appointment.

The rest of our diagnostic records include a cephalogram (growth) x-ray and photos of you and your teeth.

cephalogram (growth) x-ray

Our Comprehensive exam includes an oral cancer screening exam. Some adults may need to have a set of mounted models made in order to make a more accurate diagnosis of the position of the jaws in relation to the head. In this case, special measurements of how the upper jaw is related to the head and to the lower jaw are made and then transferred to a mechanical device.

For those of you who are anxious to get started. The benefit to having records done the same day is that, we can then place separators if they are needed and you can get your braces put on within the next one to three weeks.

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Call the office to come in for a


because I want you to have the best information, so you can make the best decision about your treatment options.

$250.00 value.

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